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Introductory Note

Below are the key information about Ajjas:

  1. Ajjas Safety Device is now Ajjas Safety Solutions. A key change in the way we are approaching this business.
  2. The installed base of Ajjas Device is now 9000+, largely two-wheelers & few four+ wheelers
  3. We have saved 31 lives & 48 thefts got prevented
  4. We are now with 29 dealerships in 9 cities
  5. Additionally, we have 64 contracts in place that we can start serving
  6. Bangalore police adopted to Ajjas; 540+ installations are completed in two divisions & 320 installations are scheduled. We have an additional work order for 1000 units in hand. The Police is very happy with Ajjas & one division refers us to other divisions. We are likely to sign more divisions as we get a bigger team.
  7. Around 2 weeks back we also launched Ajjas Pocket App for Android. This is a free app that is intended to offer accident alerts + details around daily rides to commuters/enthusiasts. We have now 470+ downloads & currently, this app is used ten times a day.

Additionally, we soon will start working with NBFCs who are active in the vehicle financing space particularly in e-vehicle financing. We are offering asset tracking & payment collection solutions to them. We are at an ARR of around 5 Cr. With the current contracts that are agreed upon, 69 additional dealers, & pending for execution, we cross 20K installation base in this year itself.

On fundraiser:

We are now formally raising $1Mn round. We have received interest from some ultra HNIs & discussions are on with few VCs too. It will be great if you come on board as you would be the right fit for the company. We do see great value in this.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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