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Introductory Note

We are KINDUZ, advising Unnati, a leading AgriTech organization based out of India on their fund raising journey.

Below is key information about Unnati:

  • Current Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of 110 Cr i.e. US$ 15.7 Million achieved through 450K orders
  • Serving 200K+ farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Helps farmers avail best practice, quality supply, price stability, cashless facility
  • Unnati is a digital platform that enables farmers:
    1. Get targeted information on what inputs to use and how to use, based on recommendations of output purchasers
    2. Ensure purchase of their produce, through technology and financial integration with Agri output purchase companies, such as sugar factories
    3. Obtain quality Agri Inputs at lower cost, due to Unnati enabling direct manufacturer to farmer supply chain
  • Unnati Agri Retail is currently serving with:
    1. 29 physical outlets which are fully integrated digitally with the Unnati technology platform
    2. 14 associated sugar factories in 10 districts
  • AgriPOS is deepening farmer reach by capturing digital footprint of the farmer at every touch-point
    1. AgriPOS provides an app to retailers for Farmer invoicing, Smart Communication, Inventory Management, Cash and Credit Register, Purchase Management, Loyalty and Promotion
    2. AgriPOS helps improve farmer connect, for retailers and brands
  • Verimos Biotech – Products for sustainable farming to drive profitability for Unnati network; 1st product is in the process of being launched

On fundraiser:

We are now formally raising a $5Mn round. It will be great if you come on board given your focus on AgriTech and investing into the future. We see great value in this.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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