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Introductory Note

We are KINDUZ; advising Bill Cloud – an AI based Financial and Compliance Mgmt., and CRM App for Freelancers, based out of India on their fund raising journey.

Below is key information about Bill Cloud:

  • What the team has already achieved?
    • Built one of India’s leading Financial Transaction Management Platform
    • 3 million transactions @ revenue of ₹ 1.25 per transaction in Q3 2019
    • Gross Profit of ₹ 12.5 Lakhs i.e. 33% in Q3 2019
    • Current customers: 7 Municipalities, 2 Cable Operators and growing
  • What the team intends to now build?
    • Leverage the existing platform and enhance it to offer Financial, Compliance Mgmt. and CRM App for Freelancers in U.S. and India
    • U.S. and India are the two largest Gig economies in the world with 75 Million freelancers
    • Bill Cloud charges ₹ 200 per month and 2% of the transaction as fee
    • Our Purpose: 1.0 Billion entrepreneurs by 2025
    • Our Vision: Largest Self Actualization Platform, in India and U.S. to start with, and Globally soon
    • Our Target: Serve 12.5% of market share within 5 years in India (U.S. numbers not yet accounted in the projections, which will make things even more sweeter)
  • Serving 12.5% of market share within 5 years will deliver the following outcomes (only considers India numbers)
    • 2.8 million users signed up on the Freemium model
    • 1.8 million users undertaking financial transactions each month
    • US $ 20.0+ million in monthly billing by the 60th month
    • US $ 250.0+ million in cumulative billing by the 60th month
    • US $ 137.0+ million in cumulative free cash by the 60th month

On fundraiser:

We are now formally raising a U.S. $6 Mn round. It will be great if you can come on board. We see great value in this.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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