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Introductory Note

We are KINDUZ; advising Verolt – providing Specialized Software and CAD/CAE Services for the Automotive ACES Market in Europe, based out of London, U.K. on their fund raising journey.

Below is key information about Verolt:

  • £250,000 worth of work orders already generated in 10 months of operations, from 2 customers
  • £150,000 of cumulative sales and payments received from both the satisfied customers, thanks to repeat work orders
  • £400,000 per annum worth of long-term additional projects close to contract signing
  • Verolt’s USP
    • 146 person years of niche experience in delivering specialized software and CAD/CAE services for the Automotive ACES Market in Europe
    • European sales team and their long-standing relationships
    • Indian delivery centres with unique methodologies to on-board,  develop and manage teams
  • Our target is to deliver the following outcomes 5 years from now
    • Revenue of £25 million in the 5th year
    • Free Cash Flow of £12.5 million in the 5th year

On fundraiser:

We are now formally raising a £2 Mn round. It will be great if you can come on board. We see great value in this.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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