Investor Product Notes

Product Note #4

A specific Indian impact investment platform that is serving the underserved is looking at deploying 15 Crores in companies that are making an impact to the Indian society.

Minimum investment: 8 crores

Maximum investment: 15 Crores

Product Note #3

A specific Indian High-Networth Investor is looking at deploying a total of 2.50 Cr in the form of Equity in about 5 wellness and health companies in India.

Type of funding: Seed Funding

Maximum investment: 50 Lakhs

Product Note #2

A group of Indian High-Networth Investors are looking at deploying over 250 Crores in the form of Debt.

Minimum investment: 1 crores

Maximum investment: Basis the financial documents

Product Note #1

Japanese Banks who are looking at India as a market to expand their investments and loan portfolio.

Minimum Ticket Size: $ 25 million (if working capital limit)

Maximum Ticket Size: $ 2+ Billion

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